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Press Release

CrossBoundary Group unveils refreshed brand to embark on a new era

Key Facts
CrossBoundary Group is unveiling a refreshed brand identity and two new websites.
The new look demonstrate the firm's growing impact and commitment to underserved markets.
25 September 2023, Nairobi/London/Washington D.C. — Today, CrossBoundary Group is pleased to unveil a refreshed brand identity and two new websites, which demonstrate the firm's growing impact and commitment to underserved markets.

Leadership Perspectives

Tom Flahive, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, says: “The new CrossBoundary Group website serves to articulate not just our extensive track record, but also the caliber of our team members and our deeply rooted presence in emerging markets. It’s designed to offer a clear, compelling window into the work we do and the impact we make.”

Jake Cusack, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, commented: “For over a decade, CrossBoundary Group has been providing investors and clients with a consistently high level of service, driven by a quiet but firm commitment to excellence. The refresh of our external facing messaging and materials is more than just a new look; it’s a reaffirmation of our promise to continue delivering exceptional services, projects, and impactful investment solutions in some of the most compelling markets in the world.”

Matt Tilleard, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, added: “At the heart of everything we do at CrossBoundary Group is our mission to serve underserved markets. We are excited that this renewal of our brand will help better explain the multiple ways we serve this mission. Our initiatives have always been ambitious, and CrossBoundary’s refreshed brand aligns with the impact we hope to have in the coming decade.”

The rebranding effort aligns with significant milestones in each of CrossBoundary’s business lines.

  • CrossBoundary Advisory has expanded in the past three years to 9 additional locations and developed unique sector and service offerings in natural capital, sovereign advisory, data analytics, and more.
  • CrossBoundary Energy has to date deployed US$110 million into renewable energy solutions delivering clean, reliable, and cost-effective energy to commercial and industrial clients, with an aim to deploy US$500 million of capital by 2027. CrossBoundary Energy is funded by ARCH Emerging Markets Partners’ Africa Renewable Power Fund, Norfund, Norwegian pension fund, KLP, and Cygnum Capital Asset Management’s Facility for Energy Inclusion.
  • CrossBoundary Energy Access, herein called CrossBoundary Access, is deploying a total of US$150 million over the next two years to bring clean energy to one million people in Africa, with funding commitments from ARCH Emerging Markets Partners Limited, Bank of America, Microsoft Climate Innovation Fund, and the African Development Bank’s Sustainable Energy Fund for Africa.
  • Makazi, the flagship development of CrossBoundary Educational Infrastructure, is underway in Kampala, Uganda, and will provide students and young professionals with safe, comfortable, and affordable accommodation, unmatched on the market.
  • The Fund for Nature, a vehicle to provide up-front commercial finance for nature-based carbon projects, received support earlier this year from the SDG Impact Finance Initiative after selection to the 2022 Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance

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