The Fund
for Nature

Financing nature-based solutions
for climate and communities

in underserved markets

Why Nature?

Nature-based solutions play a critical role in reducing carbon emissions and safeguarding the health of our planet.

While nature provides more than a third of the climate solutions we need to limit global warming to 1.5 C, it remains critically underfunded at only 2% of climate finance globally.

The voluntary carbon market presents a unique opportunity to channel private capital into nature-based solutions that not only have significant carbon benefits, but also support climate adaptation, biodiversity, and livelihoods of local and indigenous communities. Corporates are demanding high-quality, high-integrity carbon projects to help them meet ambitious climate commitments.

The Fund for Nature’s mission is to scale investment into nature-based solutions in emerging and frontier markets. We are designing a vehicle to provide up-front finance for nature-based carbon projects to meet the needs of global buyers while ensuring equitable outcomes and a level playing field for local communities and other stakeholders.

Our Investment Strategy

Nature-based solutions are infrastructure assets that need infrastructure-like financing to scale

We need radical transparency and trust-building for the market to scale with quality

We must build a fair carbon industry that benefits local communities and indigenous peoples as stewards of nature

The most outsize opportunities for investing in nature-based solutions lie in emerging and frontier markets, and this requires a strong local presence

Our Value Proposition

For developers

We provide project developers with up-front financing to implement high-quality carbon projects, backed by off-take agreements

For local communities

We partner with local communities to ensure equitable distribution of carbon revenues, alongside transparency and access to information

For investors

We aggregate a portfolio of high-quality projects to achieve impact and capital deployment at scale

For corporates

We provide corporates with access to a proprietary portfolio of high-quality nature-based carbon removal projects, and the ability to catalyze climate finance at scale

Our Team

Our Team