Financing dignified and affordable housing concepts for all

About Us

Unlocking private capital to develop and finance affordable housing solutions in underserved markets

CrossBoundary Real Estate has a deep understanding and experience in developing investment-grade yielding assets in underserved markets. We understand the need for quality and affordable housing in underserved markets and firmly believe the private sector has a significant role to play to support the need for living conditions that improve livelihoods and learning outcomes for fast-growing populations more broadly and the youth, respectively.

We care deeply about the supply/demand imbalance for affordable housing in underserved markets and know we can play a significant role in shaping the industry to suit those that are in need of living spaces that promote and generate inclusivity and growth for all.

How We Work

Concept development

We develop high-demand concepts for asset types that capture our mission and deliver a lasting return for the communities we serve.

Project development

We manage the pre-construction and construction phases of projects through best-in-class design, construction management, and supervision.

Property Management

We oversee the operation, maintenance, and administration of our developed facilities to ensure maximum satisfaction and utility for occupants.

Property Financing

Our expertise in optimal structuring of debt and equity finance for real estate mitigates credit risk and delivers outperforming returns for our developments.