Central Asia

Investment advisory services in Central Asia to unlock capital in underserved markets

Our Presence in the Region

Our team advises capital providers and local companies throughout the investment process, with the goal of mobilizing private investment into underserved markets across the region, including Afghanistan and Kyrgyzstan.

CrossBoundary was founded through early work in Central Asia. Our transaction advisory to development finance institutions, private equity and venture capital funds, microfinance institutions, and innovative local companies helped prove the investment facilitation model for fragile states.

Since then, CrossBoundary Advisory has successfully closed $37M+ in high-impact transactions in two of the region’s fragile markets across diverse sectors, including agriculture, logistics, and manufacturing. 

Early CrossBoundary investment facilitation work in Afghanistan

Our Difference

Firm History

Our early work in Afghanistan in 2012 helped prove the need for investment facilitation in fragile states

Pioneers in the Region

We have advised some of the first PE and VC funds in the region, including in Kyrgyzstan

Strong Track Record

We have worked in the region since 2011 and have successfully mobilized more than US$37M of investment

Diverse Sector Experience

We have advised on transactions across a range of sectors, including agriculture, logistics, and manufacturing


We provide our clients with the expertise they need to ensure the best outcomes

Transaction Advisory

Matching socially impactful projects with the right capital providers, clearly articulating both commercial returns and societal benefits

Strategy Advisory

Navigating market complexities to support a variety of capital providers and policymakers 

Data Analytics

Leveraging big data and analytics to turn obscure data points in underserved markets into actionable insights for your strategy

Sovereign Advisory

Providing governments with strategic advice on how to attract private investments, while also facilitating public-private partnerships


Through our Mini-Grid Innovation Lab, we refine and validate business model innovations aimed at expanding energy access in off-grid areas

Deal Structuring

Navigate the structuring and negotiation process to achieve both short- and long-term objectives

Opportunity Validation

Zero in on high-ROI investment targets across multiple sectors, evaluating their commercial viability, and aligning with fundraising and strategic needs

Capital Raising

Streamlining the capital acquisition process, effectively linking projects with both domestic and international investors

Fund Design and Strategy

Designing financial vehicles tailored to your sector, maximizing both financial returns and social impact

Market Access & Assessment

Dissecting markets to provide actionable insights into local trends, competitive landscapes, and regulatory environments

Due Diligence

Our rigorous vetting process includes financial feasibility studies and real-time data on regulatory climates, fortifying your investment decisions

Fundraising Support

From equity to debt and even niche products like political risk insurance, we source the right types of capital from investors who align with your needs

Post-Investment Planning

Post-acquisition, charting a path to growth through business development strategies, operational improvements, and cost-saving measures

Blended Finance

Engineering finance structures that combine public and private funds, reducing investment risks without diluting returns

Financial Analysis

In-depth financial feasibility studies, valuations, and FX risk analyses to guide investment choices

Procurement Advisory

With a deep understanding of market dynamics, we help clients achieve specific procurement objectives efficiently and cost-effectively

What is Investment Facilitation?