About the CrossBoundary Group

Our Mission

CrossBoundary Group’s mission is to unlock capital for sustainable growth and strong returns in underserved markets

Well-structured capital can be a catalyst for systemic change in markets that are typically overlooked

Our primary business lines solve the problem of capital absorption in underserved markets while overcoming the challenges of traditional business models

Our Focus

Three core observations drove the creation of CrossBoundary Group; today these insights drive capital market movements

1. The world – and the problems and opportunities that face us – are increasingly interconnected

2. Investors and stakeholders will care incrementally more about sustainability and the impact of their capital with each coming year

3. Capital availability is not the problem – capital absorption is

Our Story

Since CrossBoundary’s birth more than 10 years ago, we have grown strongly and steadily.

Today, CrossBoundary Group has 200+ team members across 20+ offices worldwide. More than 80% of our team is based in the markets we serve. Our unique value proposition lies at the nexus of this global presence and our ability to provide contextual, tailored capital solutions, innovative project structuring, and expert advice to ambitious entrepreneurs, investors, corporates, governments, and foundations.

Photo of Afghanistan's landscape taken by CrossBoundary's founders.

Our founding team’s personal experience with top-down, state-led interventions inspired them to launch CrossBoundary and identify bottom-up solutions for private-sector development in conflict-affected states. Between 2010-2012, CrossBoundary’s founders honed their expertise through work in Iraq and Afghanistan, where they grasped that the private sector could drive sustainable progress, not because it was better, but because it was disciplined by local context. Their on-the-ground research and work with Afghan entrepreneurs alighted on the twin challenges of access to capital and the creation of bankable pioneering transactions: areas that would be a focus for CrossBoundary Advisory in the years to come.

Screenshot of the launch of the Investment Facilitation report in Washington DC with CSIS and CrossBoundary co-founder Jake Cusack
Co-Founder and Managing Partner Jake Cusack presents CrossBoundary's Investment Facilitation Revisited report in Washington D.C. in collaboration with CSIS.

In 2013, CrossBoundary’s work expanded geographically to Africa, with new projects and the development of our anchor thought leadership piece: Investment Facilitation in Transitional and Fragile States. This framework has been foundational to our work across geographies and sectors, and we have continued to revisit the model of investment facilitation to advance our mission.

Pieter Joubert, Tom Flahive, and Jake Cusack in Juba, South Sudan in early CrossBoundary days.

While working in South Sudan, CrossBoundary’s early team witnessed first-hand the persistent challenge that businesses faced accessing affordable, reliable power. This led us to the conclusion that financing solar in Africa could unlock adoption everywhere; and from that epiphany was born CrossBoundary’s first investment platform: CrossBoundary Energy–a disruptive, distributed utility that provides a cleaner path to growth in Africa and beyond.

CrossBoundary Access and Mini-Grid Innovation Lab team members at the 2022 SEforALL Forum in Kigali, Rwanda.

Over the last decade, CrossBoundary has attracted mission-driven individuals who have helped scale the firm across geographies and sectors. We’ve continued to build investment platforms that unlock scalable, high-potential verticals—including  CrossBoundary Access, CrossBoundary Educational Infrastructure, The Fund for Nature, Dhow Ventures. Our Advisory team is a trusted partner for high-impact organizations all around the world.

CrossBoundary Investment Management

We create investment vehicles in underserved markets that develop projects capable of absorbing capital


Decarbonizing enterprises by providing cleaner, cheaper, and more reliable power.


Building the electricity grid of the future in Africa, one connection at a time.

Educational Infrastructure

Dignified and affordable housing concepts for all.

The Fund
for Nature

Nature-based solutions for climate and communities in underserved markets.