Innovation Lab

Mini Grid Innovation Insight: Electric grain milling – a US$2.5B opportunity across Africa

Key Insights
Governments across Africa could add USD $2.5B/annum to their economies by incentivizing electric milling
Switching to electric milling across the continent could provide a clean, viable alternative to diesel mills
Profitable mini-grids are required to provide energy access to at least 260 million people across Africa
Can transition incentives unlock Sub-Saharan Africa's $2.5B electric milling opportunity?

CrossBoundary's Mini Grid Innovation Lab estimates 900M litres of diesel are required to process 90M tonnes of maize across the continent in diesel grain mills per year.

Transitioning from diesel to electric grain mills in SSA could generate $2.5B in value by 2030 while saving 5M+ tons of carbon emissions. However inconsistent electricity supply, mill operator inertia, and ancillary costs hinder uptake. In CrossBoundary Innovation Lab’s latest Innovation Insight, we discuss the potential for financial incentives and awareness campaigns to accelerate the switch to clean electric milling.

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