CrossBoundary Group

CrossBoundary Group joins the African Natural Capital Alliance

We are excited to announce that CrossBoundary Group has joined the African Natural Capital Alliance.

The African Natural Capital Alliance (ANCA) is a collaborative forum for mobilizing the financial community’s response to the risk of nature loss in Africa. Find out more on their website.

As we face the increasing challenges posed by climate change and loss of biodiversity, the need for sustainable financing that safeguards our planet’s natural resources is more crucial than ever. The African Natural Capital Alliance aims to be a leading voice in this domain, promoting natural capital investment across the continent.

“CrossBoundary is committed to scaling finance for nature, on fair terms for all stakeholders, across the continent through our investment advisory services and The Fund for Nature. Africa is uniquely suited to play a central role in addressing the twin climate and biodiversity crises, and to benefit from the enormous economic value that it creates.”

Kate Wharton, Managing Director & Head of Natural Capital for CrossBoundary

Africa’s Central Role

Africa is exceptionally positioned to be a major player in mitigating the impacts of climate change and preserving biodiversity. The continent’s rich natural resources can be harnessed to create enormous economic value, not just for Africa but for the world at large.

We look forward to collaborating with like-minded organizations and stakeholders to unlock these opportunities and lead initiatives that offer both strong financial returns and sustainable growth.