Fundraise to Scale Haiti’s Leading Solar Systems Provider

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Market: Haiti
Scaling renewable energy solutions in Haiti with a first-ever institutional investment round
Capital raising
Deal structuring
Due diligence
Fundraising support
Market research/analysis
Opportunity validation
Post-investment planning

About the Client

Solengy is a Haiti-based company specializing in custom solar energy systems for residential, commercial, and industrial clients. The company launched an innovative lease-to-own financing program that has gained significant traction within Haiti, one of the least electrified countries in the Western Hemisphere, where only about 25% of the population has access to electricity.


CrossBoundary Advisory was engaged to help the Client raise its first round of investment from institutional investors. CrossBoundary prepared investment materials, specifically a pitch deck and a three-statement financial model, conducted investor outreach and deal diligence, including structuring and negotiation throughout various transactions.

The pitch deck highlighted the Client’s current business operations, growth opportunities in Haiti’s energy market, competitive landscape, management structure, and value proposition. The three-statement financial model captured the client’s current and future performance and was used by potential investors to understand the client’s growth plans.

Haiti’s energy sector is characterized by its heavy dependence on expensive imported fossil fuels and a lack of widespread access to electricity. Solengy’s solar solutions present a timely and relevant opportunity for sustainable development in this underserved market. CrossBoundary Advisory’s work focused on positioning Solengy to attract the necessary institutional investment needed to expand its innovative solutions in Haiti’s challenging but promising energy sector.


CrossBoundary Advisory employed a comprehensive and adaptive strategy, tailored to meet the unique needs of Solengy and address market conditions in Haiti:

Management Interviews: Conducted interviews with the Solengy management team to clearly define the company’s business model and articulate future growth plans in terms of financial projections.

Data Analysis and Benchmarking: Scrutinized past company data and conducted market research to benchmark future costs and growth assumptions against prevailing trends in Haiti’s emerging solar energy market.

Investor Outreach: Identified and introduced Solengy to potential investors, while facilitating match-making meetings in Haiti to ensure a seamless dialogue between parties involved.


Solengy successfully raised USD$3M to facilitate the growth of its solar leasing model in Haiti

37,000+ households connected to basic electricity and 86,000+ children gaining access to electric lighting in Solengy’s Haitian markets

465+ jobs created in rural Haitian villages, 70% of which are for women