Fundraising Support for MENA’s First Mobile Game Studios

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Market expansion support powered by 20 years of innovative game development in MENA
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About the Client

Founded in 2003 by Nour Khrais, Maysalward is a mobile game studio based in Jordan that stands as a cornerstone in the MENA gaming scene. With a portfolio boasting over 100 original IPs—including hit games like Sheikh El Koba, Dominoes Pro, and Puffout—Maysalward serves an active user base of 3.5 million. The studio has won multiple accolades, including a spot in Pocket Gamer’s Top 30 MENA developers and publishers. As a UN Women’s Empowerment Principles signatory, Maysalward also prides itself on having a team that’s 55% female, including game developers.


Recognizing Maysalward’s pioneering status in the MENA gaming industry and its ambitious expansion plans, CrossBoundary Advisory developed a comprehensive investment memo and a forward-looking five-year financial model. These tools enabled CrossBoundary Advisory to engage with over 50 venture capital providers and strategic investors, sparking keen interest in Maysalward’s unique value proposition as a gateway to the fastest-growing mobile gaming market. CrossBoundary Advisory is supporting Maysalward under the USAID Business Growth Activity.

The team is currently engaged in discussions with multiple global and regional gaming studios that expressed their interest in this unique investment opportunity which will allow them to expand their footprint to the fastest-growing market in the mobile gaming industry.


CrossBoundary Advisory’s approach to this engagement involved a multi-layered analysis, designed to enhance Maysalward’s fundraising strategy and market positioning. Key activities included:

Market Research: Conducted a deep dive into the intrinsic value of Maysalward’s unique IPs and dual capabilities as both developer and publisher in a niche market.

Investment Materials: Focused on creating investment decks that targeted strategic investors, who can appreciate the unique assets Maysalward brings and the potential for enhanced monetization strategies.

This engagement aims to provide Maysalward with the financial backing and strategic partnerships needed to realize its ambitious plans while offering investors an unparalleled entry point into the MENA mobile gaming market.


Prepared a comprehensive list of over 50 investors with a mandate to expand to the MENA region through strategic acquisitions which resulted in multiple positive responses to initiate talks about the investment

Built a comprehensive financial model covering multiple revenue streams taking into consideration the future additionality of a better monetization strategy.

Prepared the company’s data room and added the material created for the company and all documents anticipated to be requested by investors.