How Can E-Commerce Companies In Underserved Markets Use Data Science To Expand Their Business?

Sub-Saharan Africa
CrossBoundary Advisory
Consumer Goods
Market: Africa
Actionable data-driven insights to optimize resource allocation and identify new market opportunities
Data analytics


An e-commerce startup was operating in a competitive market with limited market data, struggling to make informed decisions due to a lack of real-time data on key performance metrics and customer behavior.


To address these challenges, CrossBoundary Data Analytics helped build a dashboard that pulls live data through APIs and combines it with market intelligence to monitor key business performance metrics at the micro-market (neighborhood) level. Additionally, the dashboard feeds an algorithm that improves accuracy every day as it learns from data generated in every transaction, estimating required resources for untapped areas in the market.


With this new dashboard and algorithm, the company is now able to combine market data with live business data, receiving actionable data-driven insights that optimize resource allocation and identify new market opportunities. The company is better equipped to meet customer demand in previously untapped areas, improving its ability to operate and grow its business.

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