Transforming a Non-Profit Foundation into a Sustainable Change-Maker

Sub-Saharan Africa
CrossBoundary Advisory
Agriculture & Agri-Business
Market: Nigeria
Transitioning from traditional philanthropy to strategic impact investing in agriculture and off-grid energy sectors
Deal structuring
Fundraising support
Market research/analysis
Opportunity validation

About the Client

The client is an IOC-funded foundation operating in the Niger Delta, Nigeria, with a dedicated mandate to manage conflicts and stimulate economic development. Their activities primarily focus on fostering peace and prosperity in the troubled Niger Delta region, which faces unique challenges like poverty, violence, and environmental degradation.


CrossBoundary Advisory was engaged to transform the client’s operations by designing a comprehensive impact investing strategy aimed at scaling their reach, attracting mission-aligned investors, and ensuring long-term sustainability. CrossBoundary Advisory particularly on unlocking capital in the agriculture and off-grid energy sectors within the Niger Delta. The initiative aims to answer critical business questions ranging from portfolio optimization to choosing the most effective investment mechanisms for impact investing.


CrossBoundary Advisory’s approach encompassed the following steps:

Baseline Assessment: Reviewed existing company data and interviewed top management to identify expansion opportunities across programs.

Gap Analysis: Conducted an impact investing market landscape assessment to spot gaps in the current operating model, funding streams, and interventions.

Expert Interviews: Engaged with impact investing experts and industry players to glean insights into their operating models and investing toolkits.

Portfolio Assessment: Reviewed the current portfolio and pipeline to determine the optimal mix of investment tools and activities for maximizing both impact and returns.

Investment Design: Enumerated investment mechanism options aligned with market gaps and the client’s priorities.

Work Plan & Pilot: Developed a work plan for investment facilitation and initiated a pilot with selected portfolio companies to assist in capital raising.

Implementation Roadmap: Crafted a detailed roadmap for executing the chosen investment mechanism.

The end goal is to arm the foundation with a robust, executable impact investing strategy that not only scales its influence but also ensures its sustainability, thereby contributing to the betterment of the Niger Delta.


Articulated key initiatives that can be considered as programmatic interventions in line with best practices, categorized by level of complexity, and supported the company to deploy grant capital in a catalytic way through investment facilitation

Identified high-priority companies in the pipeline that can benefit from the investment facilitation pilot

Detailed four investment mechanism options that can be considered as the vehicle for deploying impact investing, highlighting alignment with key client priorities, vehicle structure, process flow and partnerships