Data Analytics

Unlocking the power of data in underserved markets

Who are We?

Our team of data scientists helps clients across underserved markets tap into the power of data

Businesses and organizations are gathering more data than ever but are struggling to cash in on its potential to drive growth and social impact. We live in a fast-paced global business environment where data is key for quick and efficient decision-making. Organizations often lack the resources to develop an in-house team to access market intelligence in underserved markets and thus risk reducing the potential impact of their strategies.

CrossBoundary’s Data Analytics team empowers businesses and organizations in underserved markets by leveraging data science tools such as machine learning, data mining, optimization, geospatial analysis, and data visualization to unlock revenue growth, cost savings, and data-driven decision-making.

Our Expertise

CrossBoundary Data Analytics provides tailored solutions that enable organizations to make informed decisions for lasting impact.

Data Science

Our customers gain access to a diverse set of data science tools to boost top-line revenue and bottom-line savings by leveraging structured and unstructured data to estimate the unknown

Data Analytics

Using data analytics, we help customers examine large datasets to identify patterns and relationships that can be used to generate concise and digestible insights

Data Applications

We build applications and interactive dashboards that enable businesses to not only measure and monitor business performance metrics in real-time but also automate analytical and data tasks to streamline operations and reduce errors

AI Solutions

Our team incorporates the latest artificial intelligence tools into the work streams to efficiently reach innovative solutions and uncover insights