Data-Driven Expansion Strategy

Sub-Saharan Africa
CrossBoundary Advisory
Market: Africa
Data-driven analysis consolidated into an interactive client dashboard
Data analytics


An electric vehicle logistics startup operating in Sub-Saharan Africa. The company faced the challenge of providing a data-driven expansion approach to engage with investors. Specifically, the team wanted to identify attractive areas for expansion and select optimal locations to open their next depots to effectively cater to the growing demand for logistic services across the country.


CrossBoundary Data Analytics worked with the company to identify the success drivers of the areas currently served. Using a combination of geospatial analytics and predictive modeling, we analyzed demographic factors, and transportation infrastructure across the country to estimate the demand for logistic services across the country. This enabled us to identify candidate locations that were along the main highways and within the optimal distance to cater to the identified demand effectively.


The results of our data-driven analysis were consolidated into an interactive dashboard, providing the company with actionable insights and a visual representation of the optimal locations for their next depots. The dashboard guided their conversations with investors, enabling them to showcase a data-driven growth strategy.

Our team helped the logistics company to identify the optimal locations that were strategically positioned to cater to the increasing demand for logistic services across the country. The data-backed approach not only helped the company to make informed decisions but also provided a compelling narrative for investors.

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