Commercial Due Diligence for Lebanese Pharmaceuticals Manufacturer

Middle East & North Africa
CrossBoundary Advisory
Market: Iraq, Lebanon
Two phase commercial due diligence focused on market expansion opportunities
Due diligence
Market research/analysis
Opportunity validation

About the Client

The target company was Serum Products, an intravenous solutions manufacturer based in Lebanon that was looking for financing to help expand its product line and export markets.


CrossBoundary Advisory was retained to conduct commercial due diligence for Serum Products in Lebanon. The engagement involved two distinct phases to assess the viability of the company’s plans for product and market expansion. Tasks included interviewing the management team and industry experts, as well as desktop research to understand both company-specific and broader market dynamics. The investors’ key questions revolved around the company’s growth drivers, risks associated with their assumptions, and opportunities for exporting intravenous solutions. This engagement was executed through USAID’s Lebanon Trade & Investment Facilitation Activity.


CrossBoundary Advisory ensured a thorough due diligence process, providing crucial insights into the company’s viability and growth potential:

Management Interviews: Conducted interviews with Serum Products’ management team to gain a comprehensive understanding of the company’s business model, future growth plans, and specific needs for the intended financing.

Industry Expert Interviews: Engaged with industry experts to delve into the intricacies of the intravenous solutions market in Lebanon and potential export markets. This helped to provide a nuanced view of the market dynamics and opportunities.

Desktop Research: Conducted desktop research to understand broader country and market-wide dynamics. This helped to contextualize Serum Products within the larger healthcare and pharmaceutical landscape and aided in the assessment of its market expansion opportunities.

The detailed approach by CrossBoundary Advisory effectively addressed the investors’ key questions, providing them with the necessary insights to make informed investment decisions regarding Serum Products’ expansion plans.


Phase One commercial due diligence included top-down assessment of target geographies and new products for Serum Products’ expansion

Phase Two commercial due diligence included two detailed market deep-dives for prioritized geographies and in-depth assessment of the company’s financial and operational capabilities

Secured equity investment into the company by two Lebanese family office investors