Kenyan Cage Fish Farm Market Analysis and Commercial Diligence

Sub-Saharan Africa
CrossBoundary Advisory
Agriculture & Agri-Business
Market: Kenya
Comprehensive analysis of East Africa's fish market and customer segmentation in Kenya
Market research/analysis
Opportunity validation

About the Client

AgDevCo is a specialist investor in African agribusinesses, providing both growth capital and specialized support to high-potential investees across the continent. With a focus on sustainable development, AgDevCo seeks to enable businesses in Africa’s agriculture sector to scale effectively and impactfully.


CrossBoundary Advisory was engaged by AgDevCo to provide insights into the fish market in Kenya, specifically addressing three key business questions regarding the competitive landscape, the threat posed by imported fish, and customer segmentation. Through desk research and field interviews, CrossBoundary offered an in-depth analysis aimed at guiding AgDevCo’s investment strategy in the East African fish market. This engagement was executed through USAID’s Kenya Investment Mechanism.


To address AgDevCo’s specific needs, CrossBoundary Advisory deployed a diversified set of research methodologies.

Desk Research: Conducted extensive desktop research using resources from organizations like the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS), Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), USAID, and Msingi East Africa to understand the overall market dynamics, including competitors and import threats.

Field Interviews: Interviewed the target’s sales representatives, customers, and non-customers in Nairobi. Visited the wholesale markets of Gikomba and City Market to gather firsthand insights into customer preferences and market trends.

Stakeholder Consultation: Held interviews with other fish suppliers, experts, and stakeholders along the fish value chain in Kenya to understand the broader ecosystem, competitive landscape, and customer needs.

Through this rigorous approach, CrossBoundary Advisory provided AgDevCo with a nuanced understanding of the competitive landscape, the threat of imports, and key customer segments, which are pivotal for shaping their investment strategy in the East African fish market.


Conducted market analyses identifying the key players and their value proposition, analysis on the threat of imports, and review of customers including their characteristics and preferences

Helped the investor better understand the size and the nature of the opportunity, and devise the optimal funding structure for the investment

Contributed to the Client’s investment committee presentation