Market Analysis and Fundraising for a Kenyan Ag Packaging Giant

Sub-Saharan Africa
CrossBoundary Advisory
Market: Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda
Comprehensive market analysis, financial modeling, and investor engagement to support strategic growth and fundraising efforts
Capital raising
Fundraising support
Market research/analysis

About the Client

The Client is a Nairobi-based conglomerate, with diversified interests in i) plastic packaging, ii) label printing, and iii) the manufacturing of cosmetics and food-grade cleaning products. As a leader in the agro-industrial packaging sector, the Client plays a pivotal role in Kenya’s manufacturing landscape.


CrossBoundary Advisory was engaged by the Client to perform in-depth market analyses, develop a granular financial model, and facilitate investor introductions and engagement. The engagement aimed to offer an exhaustive view of the plastic packaging market across three key focus countries, including an additional assessment of growth opportunities in Kenya. It also aimed to align the Client’s financial strategy with its overarching business growth and expansion plans.

Kenya’s plastic packaging market is evolving with an increasing focus on sustainability and the introduction of eco-friendly packaging solutions. Despite regulatory challenges, the market is poised for growth, driven by the burgeoning agricultural and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sectors. The Client, with its diversified product range, stands to capitalize on these growth trends. This engagement was executed through USAID’s Kenya Investment Mechanism (KIM).


CrossBoundary Advisory adopted a multi-layered approach to address the engagement objectives effectively.

Market Analysis: Conducted comprehensive desk research to map the market, customer segments, and competitive landscape in the three focus countries. Engaged with industry experts through interviews to gain qualitative insights into market dynamics and the Client’s positioning.

Customer Research: Interviewed a sample of customers, focusing on those based in Kenya, to better understand purchasing criteria and needs.

Financial Modeling: Developed an intricate financial model that incorporated distinct projections for the Client’s three business segments, aligning them with the group’s broader growth strategy.

Investor Engagement: Facilitated introductions and ongoing discussions between the Client and potential investors, aiming to secure investment aligned with the company’s growth objectives.

Through this strategic collaboration, CrossBoundary Advisory aimed to empower the Client with actionable insights and investor connections, setting the stage for their next phase of strategic growth and capital infusion.


Provided the Client with a detailed understanding of the market opportunity, the competitive landscape, and key customers across four core segments in Tanzania, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This included two case studies of innovations that could escalate growth in Kenya.

The Client used the insights of the market analyses and financial model presented to support their fundraising efforts.

Increased investor interest by sharing insights of the market opportunity and the Client’s financial model