Fundraising Support for a Clean Cooking Company in Cambodia and Bangladesh

South East Asia
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Market: Bangladesh, Cambodia
Comprehensive transaction advisory services through transaction closure
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About the Client

The Client has developed and commercialized patented, tech-enabled clean cooking solutions for low-income households, including an induction cookstove for domestic use and a biodigester for use by smallholder farming households in Cambodia and Bangladesh. The client was seeking to raise convertible debt to finance working capital, operational expenses, and R&D, to support market expansion of induction cookstove products.


CrossBoundary Advisory provided full-spectrum transaction advisory support to the Client on capital raise, assisting with preparing investor material, conducting investor outreach, and facilitating transaction close. The market for clean cooking solutions in Cambodia and Bangladesh is ripe for disruption. A significant proportion of the population in these countries still relies on traditional, inefficient, and polluting means of cooking. Access to clean cooking methods not only enhances public health but also has positive environmental and social impacts.


To meet the objectives of this multifaceted engagement, CrossBoundary Advisory took the following strategic actions.

Pre-launch Workstreams:

Financial Modeling: Designed a simplified yet robust financial model to underpin the fundraising strategy.

Marketing Material Creation: Crafted and fine-tuned investor marketing assets, including a one-page teaser and a comprehensive pitch deck.

Financial Analysis: Undertook detailed financial and return analyses to guide investor negotiations and to provide solid foundations for launching the convertible debt deal.

Post-launch Workstreams:

Term Sheet Analysis: Conducted an in-depth review of the convertible debt term sheet to align the financing structure with the client’s business objectives.

Investor Engagement: Initiated and maintained productive dialogues with prospective investors to assess interest and fit.

Transaction Facilitation: Managed the transaction process to a successful close, ensuring all parties were aligned and compliant.

This methodical approach was aimed at streamlining the fundraising process while optimizing the client’s potential for securing the convertible debt they sought.


Built an advanced financial model along with detailed financial and dilution analysis

Prepared investor material including the company’s one-page teaser and pitch deck

Reached out and engaged with potential investors