Fundraising Support for a Leading Agtech in West Africa

Sub-Saharan Africa
CrossBoundary Advisory
Agriculture & Agri-Business
Market: Ghana
Comprehensive equity and debt investor engagement for Farmerline's $12.9 million Pre-Series A Round
Fundraising support

About the Client

Farmerline is a Ghanaian Agtech company that operates in Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire, and Togo. The company provides a range of products and services to its network of farmers, including 1) fertilizer, 2) software service for companies to trace and optimize their supply chain, and 3) market access to facilitate access to market for farmers.


CrossBoundary Advisory was chosen as the trusted transaction advisor by Farmerline for its $12.9 million Pre-Series A fundraising round. The primary objectives were to engage with equity investors and introduce them to debt investors. The agricultural sector is a vital component of West Africa’s economy, but it faces numerous challenges including access to markets, supply chain inefficiencies, and insufficient funding. Agtech solutions like Farmerline are game-changers in addressing these issues, thereby making them attractive investment opportunities.


CrossBoundary’s advisory support was designed to be holistic and targeted, covering various critical aspects of the fundraising process:
Financial Modeling: Constructed a comprehensive financial model to articulate Farmerline’s value proposition and future growth prospects to investors.
Investor Introduction: Utilized our extensive network to introduce Farmerline to prospective equity and debt investors who were aligned with the company’s mission and financial objectives.
Negotiation Support: Provided strategic assistance during the negotiation phase for term sheets and definitive agreements, ensuring terms favorable to both Farmerline and the investors.
Closing Precedents: Leveraged our network and expertise to complete all necessary conditions precedent, streamlining the transaction to a successful close.
Through this structured approach, CrossBoundary aimed to optimize Farmerline’s chances of successfully securing the investment needed for its growth and expansion.


Farmerline successfully closed its US$12.9M Pre-Series A Round from renowned investors, including ARAF, FMO, etc.

Positioned the company for fundraising by ensuring that they had high-quality investor engagement material

Connected the company to high-probability investors and provided guidance throughout the fundraising process