Distributed Clean Energy
in Vietnam: Market Assessment and Investment Roadmap

South East Asia
CrossBoundary Advisory
Clean Power & Energy Transition
Market: Vietnam
Analyzing Vietnam's renewable energy market, identifying key constraints and opportunities to mobilize financing for distributed clean energy
Market research/analysis
Opportunity validation

About the Client

The USAID Vietnam Urban Energy Security (VUES) project works to improve enabling frameworks, mobilize investment, and increase the adoption of innovative solutions for advanced, distributed energy in Vietnam. At its completion, the VUES Project intends to achieve the following high-level results:

  1. Direct facilitation of at least 400 megawatts (MW) of advanced, distributed energy systems deployed in the selected cities
  2. Direct facilitation of at least $600 million in public and private investment mobilized for advanced, distributed urban energy systems
  3. At least 20 innovative solutions to address urban energy and environment issues demonstrated and/or commercialized


CrossBoundary supported the VUES Project to offer a comprehensive market assessment focusing on financing advanced distributed energy solutions in urban Vietnam. The engagement aims to break down barriers to investment, unlocking immense potential for clean, renewable energy development across the nation’s urban centers.


CrossBoundary’s strategy for this engagement combined rigorous data analysis and stakeholder interviews to provide actionable recommendations. Here’s how we went about it:

Data Synthesis: Synthesized information gathered from in-depth research and interviews to offer insights into investment constraints within the market.

Stakeholder Interviews: Conducted interviews with identified financial service providers, developers, and supportive initiatives, thereby profiling these key stakeholders in the industry.

Final Report: Produced a comprehensive report analyzing market constraints, recommending interventions to break down both thematic and specific barriers to investment, and outlining high-priority transactions for near-term support.

The insights and recommendations delivered aim to empower the VUES Project and other stakeholders to catalyze meaningful change in Vietnam’s burgeoning renewable energy and energy efficiency industry.


Produced an investor catalogue consisting of 19 financial services providers, 10 developers and 6 support initiatives

Addressed key questions around investment constraints and created a ‘capital map’ of capital providers to complement the investor catalogue, including descriptions of available products, structures and vehicles; and qualitative and quantitative analysis of constraints and barriers

Shortlisted 3-5 priority candidate transactions for potential intervention in the near term