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Ensuring a sustainable future by unlocking capital for clean power and energy transition

About Us

With extensive experience in the clean energy and energy transition sector, our team serves as a trusted advisor to governments, investors, and capital seekers. Leveraging our proven track record of success, we provide guidance and strategic support to foster sustainable growth and drive transformative impact.

CrossBoundary understands the unique challenges that accompany the clean power and energy transition sector. We collaborate closely with our clients to navigate complex regulatory landscapes effectively, assess potential risks, and optimize returns on their clean energy and energy transition investments. Our approach is rooted in bringing together in-depth regional expertise alongside deep sector expertise and tailored strategies, empowering clients to identify high-potential clean power opportunities and make informed decisions.

With a deep understanding of the clean power industry, our team of experts offers comprehensive insights that guide clients toward impactful and sustainable investments. By combining our market knowledge with a keen awareness of industry trends and emerging technologies, we enable clients to stay ahead of the curve and capitalize on the ever-evolving clean energy landscape.

At CrossBoundary Advisory, we are dedicated to empowering clients with the tools and expertise they need to seize opportunities, maximize value, and drive positive change in the clean power sector.

How We Work

By 2030, at least US$4 trillion annually must be invested to meet the 1.5°C Paris Agreement target. Renewable energy investments are a primary driver in mitigating global environmental impact

Underserved economies are actively pursuing renewable energy projects, by harnessing the region’s abundant natural resources, such as solar, hydro, and wind power

Supporting innovative clean energy solutions such as biomass, Green H2, waste to energy, and ammonia offers potential investment opportunities for a greener future

CrossBoundary Advisory’s long-standing relationships with an extensive network of local partners, global industry leaders, and government officials grant unique deal flow access, enabling us to spot hidden gems in these dynamic markets

Our Expertise

Our team supports clients to develop and fund high-impact projects in a complex and evolving market

Procurement Advisory 

Specializing in Feed-in Tariff design and strategy and facilitating accelerated investments in renewable energy technologies with a focus on long-sustainability

Due Diligence 

Identifying and remedying investment barriers to encourage private investment; providing unbiased and up-to-date information on country-level regulatory environments

Fundraising Support

Discerning the ideal capital partner profile, identifying investors that align with requirements, sourcing equity and debt from investors, as well as investment-enabling products

Landscape Assessment

Enabling the evaluation of potential risks and opportunities with thorough understanding and analysis

Policy Development

Structuring comprehensive policies that foster the growth of the renewable energy sector and effectively unlock barriers for private investors

Our Team

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